What Makes a Person Good?

What makes a person good? When raising children people seem to agree that the goal is to raise good people. When teaching them we stress good versus bad. But what is bad? Comedian Chris Rock used to joke if you had a daughter you were a successful parent if she didn't end up a stripper. … Continue reading What Makes a Person Good?


She Is To Keep Silent

I haven't had time to blog recently because I am taking college classes to possibly finish the degree I started to earn thirty years ago. Last semester I took a Women's Studies class and I had to put together a final project including a website discussing a relevant topic to what we had studied in … Continue reading She Is To Keep Silent

Defining Success in a Birth Story

I should apparently feel terrible about the way I ended up birthing my children. I can't count how many stories I've heard or read about women who were so disappointed in their “birth story” that it devastated them. They had all these scenarios of how it should all go. There's this weird competition between mothers. … Continue reading Defining Success in a Birth Story


Fighting The Allure of Death

I took a break from blogging in January. I was overwhelmed with social media. I follow a lot of people and organizations that post great ideas but when just a headline like “10 Things every mother of teenage girls needs to know” can cause anxiety, it's time for a break. I had started to feel … Continue reading Fighting The Allure of Death


Evangelicalism 101

Evangelicalism. It's so complex. So broken. So well intentioned but... It has taken me a while to figure out what bothered me about the evangelical church. I'm not an expert. I'm not a trained doctrinal or theological person. I just grew up in and then worked for evangelical churches. In fact, I worked with my … Continue reading Evangelicalism 101



I’m not sure why I write. Recently, I keep reading articles and posts that tell me I have to have a plan. I need to determine who my target audience is and what my purpose in writing is. I need to promote my writing and market myself in order to be a “successful” blogger. When … Continue reading Trying


“In a Perfect World”

Some people say that imagining a “perfect world” is a waste of time and will only lead to disappointment and frustration, and it is true that “the key to happiness is lowering your expectations.” But people also say “you've got to shoot for the stars if you want to hit the chimney”. So which is … Continue reading “In a Perfect World”