“In a Perfect World”

Some people say that imagining a “perfect world” is a waste of time and will only lead to disappointment and frustration, and it is true that “the key to happiness is lowering your expectations.” But people also say “you’ve got to shoot for the stars if you want to hit the chimney”. So which is it? Accept the way things are or strive for a better world? And what would a better world be?
I love the perspective from the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy:

Only 600 miles to the south, there’s a vast city. And here you find civilized man. Civilized man refused to adapt himself to his environment; instead, he adapted his environment to suit him. So he built cities, roads, vehicles, machinery, and he put up power lines to run his labour-saving devices. But somehow he didn’t know where to stop. The more he improved his surroundings to make life easier, the more complicated he made it. So now his children are sentenced to 10-15 years of school, just to learn how to survive in this complex and hazardous habitat they were born into. And civilized man, who refused to adapt to his surroundings, now finds he has to adapt and re-adapt every hour of the day to his self-created environment. For instance, if it’s Monday and 7:30 comes up, you have to dis-adapt from your domestic surroundings and re-adapt yourself to an entirely different environment. 8:00 means everybody has to look busy. 10:30 means you can stop looking busy for 15 minutes. And then you have to look busy again. And so your day is chopped into pieces, and in each segment of time you adapt to a new set circumstances. No wonder some people go off the rails a bit…

No one likes to think our life is that crazy and illogical. We like to think we are barely missing the mark. But I don’t think that’s the case.

If you’ve had a baby in the last twenty years you know the controversy over if babies should sleep on their back or side or stomach. Some grandmothers will tell you babies were fine before all the new rules but the fact is that a lot of babies weren’t just fine. Fewer babies die now than before the new guidelines. Still, to get everyone on the same page of what is “better” is not usually so cut and dry.

John Lennon told us to imagine a world without war or religion. Various cult leaders have convinced people of their vision for a better world.

So I think we can agree life is far from perfect but should we just deal with it or try to change it?

Who gets to decide what’s the better way to live?

What would a perfect world look like? How could we achieve it? Is it even worth thinking about?

I don’t know. But I do have some opinions 🙂 Most significantly, I would eliminate all currency. I mean, if you’re fantasizing about perfection, go big or go home, right?

Let that sink in for a few minutes.

No money. None.

How would that change your motivation to work? Your goals? Your measure of how successful you are? Your satisfaction with your life? But what if that meant we all had to share and not hoard? How would we decide what is “enough”?

Aahh- and that brings me to another thought –

My perfect world would have no selfishness.

Everyone would look out for each other. No one would worry about themselves because everyone would be fully supportive of each other.

I think that’s as close to perfect as imaginable.

You could sum it up in one word: LOVE.

What if your only goal in life, your ONLY responsibility, was to look out for the people around you? No job per se, no school, no clubs or organizations. Just people helping people live life day to day. We could spend all day growing food, cooking, building, doing whatever we all needed to really LIVE.
What would your “perfect world” look like?


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