She Is To Keep Silent

I haven’t had time to blog recently because I am taking college classes to possibly finish the degree I started to earn thirty years ago. Last semester I took a Women’s Studies class and I had to put together a final project including a website discussing a relevant topic to what we had studied in the class.  The link below is to that site. I know my opinions and beliefs have changed in the last few years, and it might  be shocking  or interesting for you to read something that is specifically addressing these areas. I often wonder what would have happened if we had not been fired by the church in Nebraska. It was becoming harder for me to tow the line in the conservative evangelical world we lived in. When twelve year old girls would ask me why women can’t be pastors, I had a harder time giving them the answers I had always been given. I was finding more and more legitimate theologians and well-known Christians who were not out on the fringes saying that this thinking was wrong, and that women shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens. Since leaving the church I have discovered that feminism is not what I had been taught to believe. It’s not a bunch of crazy women who want to make it illegal for women to stay home with their children. It’s not women who want to take away the differences in genders. It’s women who want true equality. To be respected as an equal in all settings including home and church and work. To be taken seriously and to be neither treated as a servant nor a child. To never ever be treated as an object to be owned.

Here is the link. I hope you find it interesting.


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